What have we been up to?

November 1st -Introducing our new under 1’s uniforms. Can not wait to see our babies in them. Thank you to our lovely local supplier, Sew katydid.


November 2nd – We have had so much fun on our first day. Hope they sleep well for you tonight Mummies and Daddies. Looking forward to welcoming more new children tomorrow.

1st day

November 17th -We are so excited that Jemma are resident artist will be working with the children in the nursery. The children will be discovering dinosaurs in their first art session. We will be stepping back through time as we uncover the world of dinosaurs through art and play. From footprints, excavation, fossils to habitat and much, much more. Jemma is looking forward to working along side all of the the children registered at Monkey puzzle, creating all kinds of wonderful, unique and individual works of art.

Every child is an artist. –Pablo Picasso 

November 27th – We now have a new Facebook page just for parents. This will give you important updates. Please join us athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/497611353733251/. Thank you for all of your support in our first month. We have had the best time getting to know all of your wonderful children.

December 1st
– A proud moment for the nursery as our sensory room winter wonderland has been shared by the Outstanding Nurseries FB page! Well done team!

December 7th
– We very much enjoyed our first day out to the Blue Reef Aquarium and we all had a fantastic time looking at the beautiful sea life.

December 12th
– Thank you to all our lovely parents and nursery children for attending our Christmas party. We had a fabulous time and we hope you did too.